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On the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

On the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina … the original acoustic demo of "The Avenue."

I wrote this sitting in the luggage bay of our old tour bus when we were stranded out of town after Katrina hit NOLA. As you can tell, there are some lyric and chord changes from the final version, but right here it's a work in progress. Also, the original name of the song was "St Charles Avenue" until I shortened it.
I had originally envisioned the song with a standard 4:4 backbeat (think early 80s REM), hence the Peter Buck-style guitar riffing. Then Russ-T Cobb (our producer at the time) got his hands on the song and completely changed the arrangement and made it better than it was, and I was already pretty proud of the song. He really loved the tune. Although, oddly, this song met with resistance from the band as far as getting it on an album. Oh well, it all worked out.

The song presented itself to me pretty much fully formed and this recording has a really nice intimate feel to it. I recorded this in the back of the old bus when everyone else was gone so I could capture what I felt on my little crappy $50 digital recorder I used to put song ideas on.

Funny side story; our light man at the time, Hitchy, had a DVD copy of the best of Will Ferrell that we played in the bus a lot back then. There's a skit where WF plays the devil trying to get Garth Brooks to sell his soul in return for hit songs and huge success - except that the devil's songs are all embarrassingly bad. Anyway, one song in the skit is called "Fred's Slacks". Seeing WF in devil makeup singing a terrible song about slacks always cracked me up, especially the ending line "Fred's got slacks … on the boulevard!" Still cracks me up …

Anyway, when "The Avenue" was writing itself, the song needed a way to tie all of the imagery together, somewhat of a unified theme, but I had no idea what it was. Then I found myself singing as I drifted off to sleep,"… Fred's got slacks … on the boulevard … on the avenue … the boulevard … the Avenue. Hmmm … that could work." And there ya go!

FL and MS shows postponed

Hey y'all, Fred here. Due to unforeseen circumstances, we are having to postpone our shows in Pensacola, FL and Jackson, MS that were scheduled for next weekend. We apologize for any inconvenience this causes and will make up these shows in the near future. Once again, very sorry and hope to see y'all soon.


Cowboy Mouth in concert!
> Chattanooga, TN
> TechTown Mardi Gras Party
> August 29th
> 6:00 pm
> Tickets

(photo: Anna Bezrukov)

Sound Check Silliness

And you thought Fred said some odd things during the show. Recorded at a sound check, enjoy this musical rant about pigeons.

Solid Foundation

CM Webmaster: There is always a special relationship between the drummer and bass player. What is it like to accompany Fred?”

Brian: Fred's a different kind of drummer because he's the front guy. So he's doing multiple jobs at one time. He's the lead singer. He's the drummer. And he's the conductor. He's not only conducting the band, but he is commanding the crowd. I think one of my important roles is holding down that solid foundation. He can do whatever he needs to do as long as that foundation's still there, running solid.

(photo: Anna Bezrukov)

An Honor

It was an honor to be your stepson's first concert.

"I'm kinda jealous of my stepson. The day after his 14th birthday, I take him to his first "real" concert, and it is Cowboy Mouth at Lake Okoboji. How can you top that? Of course, I've seen the band probably around 15 times now, but for your first experience? He's going to think everyone else sucks now! The classic moment came after the show. He asks me "How can those guys possibly be that excited all the time? We listen to them and the songs on our radio don't sound like that." Guess what buddy - there is nothing like the experience of a live Cowboy Mouth concert. Not even the recordings can capture it. He had a huge smile on his face all night long!" - Scott Byers

(photo: Anna Bezrukov)


Cowboy Mouth concert!
> This Saturday, August 15th!
> Arnolds Park, Iowa
> Arnolds Park Amusement Park
> Details:

Celebrating Being Alive

"Hey guys! I had my last of 12 chemo treatments today & I had to wear my CM shirt because I'm about to Let It Go & am just so happy to be alive!!! Just thought I'd share & let you know how much you are loved & appreciated by this MN girl... See ya at the next show!" -- Maya Rhiannon Marshall

Congratulations on finishing your treatment! We love your spirit and we are also celebrating that you are alive!

Hermosa Beach, California

Cowboy Mouth FREE concert TODAY!
- Hermosa Beach, California 
- Hermosa Beach Summer Concert festival
- Sunday, August 9th
- 5:00 pm
- Details:

Celebrate the fact that you're alive

"Celebrate the fact that you're alive by jumping and screaming ... NOW!"
People let it go on the streets of Chicago.

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