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They absolutely blew me away

In 1990 or 1991 my band, Hootie and the Blowfish, was together and touring around the clubs around the southeast on the weekends. And I got a tip from one of my college DJ buddies that the drummer from Dash Rip Rock was coming in to play at the club in town in Columbia with his new band, Cowboy Mouth. So I went out to see them. That was on a Sunday or Monday night or something like that.

It was me, the guy who told me about the show, and one other person. And they played like they were playing in front of 3,000 people in a big club. They killed it. Fred was climbing around the club. They absolutely blew me away.

So I asked if they wanted to come open for us the next night in Wilmington at The Mad Monk. And they did. There were 33 people there that night. And again, opening for us, they still played like they were at Wembly Stadium. And Darius Rucker was like, “I never want them to open for us again. I’ll never play AFTER Fred again.” But he of course did. They just absolutely blew me away from the moment I saw them live. I must have seen them over 100 times since then. - Mark Bryan

(photo L-R: Mark, Fred, Harry Shearer)

Free Show

Cowboy Mouth is playing a FREE SHOW at Hal's Harley Davidson in New Berlin, WI on August 31st! Details can be found at the Hal's Harley Davidson website.

All Heart

I first met John Thomas Griffith at a club called Ziggy's in Winston-Salem, North Carolina in 2011. At that point I had been working with the band for only a month or so. We hung out before the show so I could interview him for content for social media and their website. This also became a get-to-know you session. Among other things, I talked about our son, Max, who is a special needs child, and how he plays in a baseball league for kids with special needs called The Miracle League of the Triangle. 

John Thomas said, “Wait here a second.” And he left the room. He came back holding a small, wooden bat. A big baseball fan, John Thomas had just taken a tour of the Louisville Slugger factory and got a mini-bat as a souvenir. 

He said, “I want Max to have this.”

During the show that night he introduced “Everybody Loves Jill” by saying, “He isn't here tonight, but his parents are. This is for a kid named Max who likes the color red.”

There are a number of egotistical, high-maintenance people in the music business. John Thomas Griffith is not one of them. He and the rest of the Cowboy Mouth organization have class and heart. - Cris Cohen 

Fearless Radio Interview

"It's like I always say: A Cowboy Mouth show is not about the people on the stage. It's about the feeling in the audience. All I ask of anybody who is on stage with us is just to give your very best ... Cause that's the energy that I want coming forward when people see Cowboy Mouth."

Listen to Fred's interview with Fearless Radio 


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A moment with Fred

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Shout it from the rooftops! Our new album, "Go!", will be released June 10th! Pre-order it now on iTunes and you can immediately download the single "Do You Wanna Do It Right Now"!

This Friday!

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Why is Casandra smiling so wide? Because John Thomas Griffith is back! Thank you to everyone who came to this weekend's shows. 

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