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Fred Solo Shows

Fred here. Just wanted to let you guys know that during the month of December I will be playing a select number of solo / acoustic shows in different cities, in addition to my traditional New Orleans Christmas Night show at Carrolton Station. I'll be playing Thursday, December 3 in Washington DC at Hill Country Live DC, as well as in New York City at Hill Country Live NY on Friday, December 4. More dates should be coming, and I look forward to seeing all of you there! Happy Holidays!

Blues At Bay

Kind Words

"They did save my soul! On one of the worst days of my life I had tickets to see Cowboy Mouth. I'm so glad I had gone to the show that evening. They lifted my spirits and made me Glad to be Alive!! I'll always be a Cowboy Mouth fan!!!" - Anthony Bernardo 

Thank you, Anthony.

(photo: Anna Bezrukov)

Meat And Potatoes Bass

CC: How have you changed as a bass player over the years?

Brian: My bass playing just evolves over time. I have a different outlook than some people do. I'm not on the technical side of learning every possible scale. I'm more of a meat and potatoes kind of player. Keep it simple. And I'm also about performing. I think part of a good rock and roll show is going out there and owning it. Being happy and making the people happy.

(photo: Anna Bezrukov)

Grateful And Humbled

It was great to see our buddies Collective Soul, who were the headliner and sounding excellent as ever. But the real surprise was the event itself; Deadwood Jam was one of the most fun events we've played in a while; the vibe and scenery were just superb and the crowd could not have been any more receptive or enthusiastic. I think we made a lot of new converts that night.

Later that night we all went to hang at Saloon No. 10 enjoying some adult beverages courtesy of the generous staff and patrons there. Laurie (the owner of the bar who had the coolest ring) gave me a tour and the history of the place pointing out that it was where Wild Bill Hickok was gunned down back in the late 1800's. Matt and I both took turns jamming with the house band, and I can honestly say that the only reason I knew and was able to play drums on Katy Perry's "Fireworks" song with the cover band that night is because it was featured in the kids movie Madagascar 3 that my boy loved. What a fun night all around.

On the flight home a cool thing happened that I wanted to share; As I was walking through the airport to make my connecting flight, a younger gentleman (no names, you'll see why) stopped me and told me a story about getting his son onstage with the band a couple of years ago and how appreciative he was. That's always great to hear. He seemed like he wanted to say more, but we both just let it go telling each other to have a great trip.

Then it turned out that he was on the same flight as me. I was in the back of the plane, and he was more towards the front. As we were some of the first people on the plane, he put his bag down and walked the length of the aircraft to come tell me that he had been in recovery for 141 days and that our music, specifically "I Believe", had helped him find his way and that he listened to us every single day to help him get thru it. I smiled thru the lump in my chest, gave him a big hug, and thanked him for his story. I could tell it was very personal to him and that it took a lot for him to step out of his comfort zone to tell me. And as it so happened, it was exactly the kind of thing I needed to hear at that moment.

I'm always extremely grateful and humbled whenever people use what I/we do as a catalyst for some sort of positive in their lives. I know this kind of thing happens to performers/musicians a bit, but it still amazes me that people use what we do sometimes to find the better in themselves. It can be a bit overwhelming in the moment, but it's one of the main reasons that I continue to do what I do. It really is gratifying to know that whether intentional or not, you might've helped somebody in their journey on this giant rock to step just a little easier. What a great gift to be given. And to the guy who came up and told me his story on the plane, thank you so much. You gave me a lot more than you realize.


New Year's Eve show on sale now!

Ring in the new year with Cowboy Mouth! 
> Dec 31st in New Orleans 
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Where's The Rain?

Hey y'all, Fred here. Please check out this video of "Where's The Rain?" from our old friend Doug Sharp, a budding young filmmaker and good bud of CM for many years. More of these please. Spielberg, you're on notice! 

Matt Talks Guitars

Matt Jones talks about his love of Paul Reed Smith guitars in this article at The Hub.

Charlotte, NC

This Thursday!
> Charlotte, NC
> Amos' Southend

(photo: Anna Bezrukov)

On the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

On the 10th anniversary of Hurricane Katrina … the original acoustic demo of "The Avenue."

I wrote this sitting in the luggage bay of our old tour bus when we were stranded out of town after Katrina hit NOLA. As you can tell, there are some lyric and chord changes from the final version, but right here it's a work in progress. Also, the original name of the song was "St Charles Avenue" until I shortened it.
I had originally envisioned the song with a standard 4:4 backbeat (think early 80s REM), hence the Peter Buck-style guitar riffing. Then Russ-T Cobb (our producer at the time) got his hands on the song and completely changed the arrangement and made it better than it was, and I was already pretty proud of the song. He really loved the tune. Although, oddly, this song met with resistance from the band as far as getting it on an album. Oh well, it all worked out.

The song presented itself to me pretty much fully formed and this recording has a really nice intimate feel to it. I recorded this in the back of the old bus when everyone else was gone so I could capture what I felt on my little crappy $50 digital recorder I used to put song ideas on.

Funny side story; our light man at the time, Hitchy, had a DVD copy of the best of Will Ferrell that we played in the bus a lot back then. There's a skit where WF plays the devil trying to get Garth Brooks to sell his soul in return for hit songs and huge success - except that the devil's songs are all embarrassingly bad. Anyway, one song in the skit is called "Fred's Slacks". Seeing WF in devil makeup singing a terrible song about slacks always cracked me up, especially the ending line "Fred's got slacks … on the boulevard!" Still cracks me up …

Anyway, when "The Avenue" was writing itself, the song needed a way to tie all of the imagery together, somewhat of a unified theme, but I had no idea what it was. Then I found myself singing as I drifted off to sleep,"… Fred's got slacks … on the boulevard … on the avenue … the boulevard … the Avenue. Hmmm … that could work." And there ya go!

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25-Dec-15 New Orleans, LA Fred solo show - NOLA buy tickets / info
31-Dec-15 New Orleans, LA Big Night New Orleans buy tickets / info
07-Jan-16 Kansas City, MO Knuckleheads buy tickets / info
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