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Volume 2 Is Out!

"The Name of the Band Is..." - Volume 2 is now available to buy or stream at the links below!


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Jazz Fest Video

Hey guys! Here's a clip our good buddy Reggie Thomas put together from Jazz Fest this year. Just a small sampling of how much fun we had!

Best, Fred

It's About The Vibe We Create

Songwriting is a constant reinvention, but at the same time it is still Cowboy Mouth. So you are not musically reinventing the wheel. Because so much of what we do is not about the music we play. It's about the vibe we create. The show. The energy. The passion. The interaction. All of that comes into play, which is for me very important. The music is obviously number one, because that is what it all wraps itself around. But at the same time those elements are kind of what make our show so unique, so passionate, and so enduring for the last 25 years. - Fred

Broken Up

And for any of you who have ever celebrated the end of a relationship...

Backstage at Jazz Fest

Greatest Hits Volume 2

Cowboy Mouth is putting out a new Greatest Hits album – "The Name of the Band is… Vol 2"! And it features 2 new songs! It will be available at Jazz Fest and at all upcoming Cowboy Mouth shows!

Track listing:
- Belly
- Why Ya Wanna Do Me
- Drama
- Saddest Song (new song)
- Kelly Rippa
- Man on the Run
- I Believe
- Too Many Jennys (new song)
- So Sad About Me
- The Avenue
- Bad
- He Don’t Know You (The Sweater Song)

Jazz Fest

This Saturday at the New Orleans Jazz & Heritage Festival right before Aerosmith! 

Fred Covers Baba O'Riley

Here's something I did for fun one day and I think it's pretty rad. I found an orchestral version of The Who's "Baba O' Riley" (one of my top ten songs of ALL time - and no, I don't watch CSI) and I edited it down from 11 minutes down to around 4, then added a vocal. Hope ya'll enjoy! - Fred

Drums And Bass

"There is always a special relationship between the drummer and bass player. What is it like to accompany Fred?”

Brian: Fred's a different kind of drummer because he's the front guy. So he's doing multiple jobs at one time.

He's the lead singer. He's the drummer. And he's the conductor. He's not only conducting the band, but he is commanding the crowd.

I think one of my important roles is holding down that solid foundation. He can do whatever he needs to do as long as that foundation's still there, running solid.


Listen to Fred tell the story behind the song "Bad"