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Fearless Radio Interview

"It's like I always say: A Cowboy Mouth show is not about the people on the stage. It's about the feeling in the audience. All I ask of anybody who is on stage with us is just to give your very best ... Cause that's the energy that I want coming forward when people see Cowboy Mouth."

Listen to Fred's interview with Fearless Radio 


"GO!" is now available! We can't wait for you to hear this album!
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A moment with Fred

Pre-order the new album on Amazon or iTunes and immediately download the new song "Do You Wanna Do It Right Now?"


Shout it from the rooftops! Our new album, "Go!", will be released June 10th! Pre-order it now on iTunes and you can immediately download the single "Do You Wanna Do It Right Now"!

This Friday!

Details and tickets


Why is Casandra smiling so wide? Because John Thomas Griffith is back! Thank you to everyone who came to this weekend's shows. 

Focus On Positive Things

Ever since day one with Cowboy Mouth, I've tried to focus on positive things because that's just an energy that feeds on itself. We can sit there and talk about things that we all deal with like breakups or this or that but at the end of the day, it's the audience feeling 1,000 times better than when they first got there. That for me is what I always wanted to do. - Fred

Contest Winner

The winner of the poster contest is Jeff Frankenberry! Jeff, please email to arrange for your prize. 

Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry. And tonight we rock Birmingham! Are you with me?!

First entry in our poster contest

This entry is from Melissa Travis. Off to a great start!

And if you haven't heard ...

CONTEST: We would like an interesting poster that we can use on our website and social media pages to promote the upcoming shows in Birmingham and Atlanta. And we would love to see what you can do. So post your entries here, we will share them (and give you credit), and then choose a winner. That person will receive a drumhead that has not only been signed by the band, but one that has also been personally beaten by Fred. Are you with me?!

So then this happened ...

Tour Dates

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01-Aug-14 St. Louis, MO Old Rock House buy tickets / info
02-Aug-14 Tunica Resorts, MS Tunica Roadhouse Casino buy tickets / info
08-Aug-14 Fort Worth, TX Billy Bob's Texas buy tickets / info
09-Aug-14 Monroe, LA Live Oaks Bar and Ballroom buy tickets / info
23-Aug-14 Fairport, NY Fairport Music & Food Festival buy tickets / info
29-Aug-14 Austin, TX The Belmont buy tickets / info
30-Aug14 Houston, TX AdvoCare Texas Kickoff buy tickets / info
26-Sep-14 New Albany, MS Tallahatchie Riverfest buy tickets / info
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