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A Fully Interactive Concert

With Cowboy Mouth, the show does not stop at the edge of the stage... 

Seeking A Narrow Path Through The Darkness

It's late. Can't sleep. 
Checked the web, it's official. Tom Petty is gone. 

And while the country rightfully weeps for the many killed in Vegas as well as grasping to find motive in the perpetrator of such an obscene and horrific act, I'm finding small late night comfort in a live version of Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers' "Learning To Fly." 

It's a mostly acoustic version with the band adding subtle touches that make it sublime. I've always loved this version of the song, but tonight I'm finding that it seems to possess a healing quality... then again, maybe it's just me and how I'm seeing it right now.

I saw someone comment on the web today that, to paraphrase, some people care about the death of a rock star more than the senseless tragedy that displayed itself last night. But I don't think that's necessarily the case.

For me personally, re-listening to music that has been an emotional touchstone throughout my life is – in an odd way, I admit – reminding me of that sense of hope and joy I've always had whenever Tom Petty has graced my life in song and life force. And really, that's what the music is: An expression of his unique and unbeatable life force. 

Make no mistake, these will be days of national tears and mourning, and rightfully so as the names and stories of those killed become more known to us all. And while each of these souls were the purveyors of their own wonderfully individual life forces, as we all are, I can't even begin to imagine the heartbreak of those closest to them. 

So once again, through Petty's music, I'm seeking my own narrow path through the darkness. In his songs I'm finding the very emotion, soul, and expression one can only assume that last night's gunman was hoping to still, to extinguish in all of us. 

For myself, I can think of no better way tonight to remember Petty as well as to mourn those lost in Vegas than through the beautifully inextinguishable life force displayed in this live version of "Learning To Fly" and the emotion that it reignites inside of me.

God bless y'all.

Nashville Concert

We're playing the Exit/In in Nashville, TN on Saturday, September 23! BUY TICKETS

Hurricane Harvey Relief Concert

Fred will be one of the headliners this Sunday, September 17th, at the House of Blues in New Orleans for the Hurricane Harvey Relief Concert.


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Fred In The Kitchen

Fred and Chef Scot Craig of Katie's Restaurant cook up some pot pie... and talk with their mouths full. It's Fred after all.

Q&A With Fred

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New Year's Eve Party

Start planning now! We will ring in the new year at Big Night New Orleans! Tickets on sale now at

Fred and Chef Scot Craig

Watch Fred and Chef Scot Craig of Katie's Restaurant cook up a Louisiana favorite.

Prime Time Sports

Hey everybody, Fred here. Me and my buddy Scot Craig (owner/chef at Katie's in Mid-City New Orleans) just did an appearance on "Prime Time Sports with Scott Alexander" airing at 6PM on in Nola on WLAE-TV (which is channel 14 on Cox Cable & 32 on AT&T U-Verse, DirecTV & Dish & 11 across the lake on Charter). This station is Greater New Orleans & beyond.

The show also airs tonight at 7PM on the much bigger Regional Sports Network station CST (channel 37 on Cox Cable only). It airs over the entire states of Louisiana & Arkansas, east Texas & the MS, AL & FLA Gulf Coast on this station!!!

It was a lot of fun, check it out!