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All I Really Want To Do Is GO!


"Once you were in the band, what surprised you about it?"

Brian: I always thought Cowboy Mouth was a great band. But honestly, I never understood the energy that is projected from the band. I was always watching from a far.

Now that I am in the band, I completely get it. I look out in the crowd. They are feeding off of us, we are feeding off of them, and we all become one during the show.

It is the most positive, uplifting thing I have ever done in my life.


Most creative types will admit that their very best work comes from inspiration - whether it manifests complete, or as the spark of something that sets a fire in the artist. - Fred

Wild Cruise Moment

Things got a little wild on the Kid Rock Cruise!

(photo: Will Byington)

How Do You Tell Someone


Matt and Fred flying out to kick some A with Cowboy Mouth on Kid Rock's Chillin' the Most Cruise! Then headed to Nashville Saturday night. What a week! 

The Power Of Music

Rock and roll gave me a reason to be and a reason to live. When I was a misfit and had nothing going on, I picked up a guitar in my record store and something there lit a fire in my soul. - Fred


The first time we played "China" (by Griff's first group, the Red Rockers) with me in the band, I actually had some goosebumps. That was really cool. Because I remember watching that video when I was a kid. - Brian 

Happy Birthday, John Thomas

Happy birthday to the man who inspires people to throw red spoons every show, our own John Thomas Griffith! 

We Work Hard

I am enjoying music now more than I ever have. In the end, it’s seriously all about work. We work and work hard. If someone forks up 20 to 30 bucks to see our band, we’re going to bring it. - Fred