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Sweet Child O' Mine

Matt channels his inner Slash and Axl...

Sweet Child O' Mine

Matt channels his inner Slash and Axl...

Destin, Florida


Faith In Yourself

It's what you bring to the game that matters most. The faith that you have in yourself will determine where you go in life. 

And I'm not talking about arrogance, thinking you are better than anybody else. 

Faith in yourself also means the ability to have faith in your ability to learn. - Fred

Matt Jones

Happy birthday to our own Matt Jones

(photo: Alicia Reed)


"So do you see yourself as a bass player now? Or do you still see yourself as a guitarist who plays bass?"

Brian: That's an interesting question. I see myself as both. I just see myself as a musician ... a modern day, three chord rock musician. 

(photo: Alicia Reed)

Cowboy Mouth Meets AC/DC

This is a direct result of having Brian Broussard in the band. One thing I love about his playing in it is that he plays every song like it's AC/DC. These are the kind of things that happen when you're just playing around having fun. Anyway, hope you enjoy. It's pretty silly… Fred

Let Your Voice Be Heard

When we’re all on stage, it’s not about the greater glory of the band. When we get the audience to scream, to dance, or to go nuts, it’s more about celebrating themselves - their lives. If you’re alive, prove it. Let your voice be heard. - Fred

This Saturday In Denver


Emotional Intensity

“Your show has a very interactive feel. Besides your not wanting there to be any barriers between you and the audience, what else informed that style of performing?”

Fred: I got my first job when I was 11 years old working in a used record store. Not one of these shiny places where all of the kids are hip. I worked in the upstairs of this ratty building in New Orleans that was filled with about 250,000 vinyl records. 33s, 45s, 78s. It was my job to alphabetize them. And I got paid $10 a day and I could take home $10 worth of vinyl records. For me … I was like 11 years old … this was the greatest thing that ever happened to me.

And I just found myself drawn to very primal music that expressed an emotional intensity and at the same time also an emotional vulnerability. Stuff like the old blues music. Howlin’ Wolf. Bo Diddley. Things like that. 

And I’ve always been kind of an emotional guy. I always express emotions and thoughts and feelings. It’s easier for me to sing them or to write them in song or to play them than to say, “Hello, person. I am feeling this way. I am having this issue.” It’s easier for me to just go “Ahhhhhhh!” 

It’s just my nature.